Machine Learning on a Board

Apply machine learning right out of the box.  Machine Learning on a Board (MLoaB) is the ideal tool for researchers, expermentalists and hobbyists who want easy-to-use, plug-compatible hardware to apply our ultra-efficient machine learning technology to live sensor data.

ArchitectureMLoaB Architecture

Based on a small circuit board with an embedded Artificial Learning co-processor chip, MLoaB has standard interfaces for direct connection to cameras or other sensors, actuators and computers with an integrated software environment to let you configure and manage learning and recognition with the board from a personal computer or mobile device.

Board designMLoaB

The MLoaB circuit board is plug-compatible with HDMI in, HDMI out, USB cables and SD cards.

MLoaB can operate standalone with sensors and actuators or connected to a personal computer or mobile device for configuration, management and data communications.

Imagine what novel applications you could make with Machine Learning on a Board.  What would you want to make or see made?  Please join our call for proposals for novel applications or contact us to learn more.